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We are your personal trainer at home ,working around the Clock to comfort you and it’s been a year since we started working to provide you an amazing cutting edge technology to help you doing workout and any range of physical activities in a safe and convenient way to keep you fit. we believe everybody must have a trainer ,a trainer anytime anywhere available for each person .
The idea has sparked when we frequently suffered from muscle injuries and there was lack of professional trainer to track and correct course of activities at the gym.
lockdown and pandemic outbreak made us determined to make a trainer available for all who are enthusiasts of bodyfitness. we literally bring gym and trainer in to your house.
We personally invite you to make an inquiry in anyway through phone email etc ,and also we offer our free trial to test are claims.

Our Solution

 Freed from the encumbrances of physical infrastructure, fitness can happen anywhere, in any form, anytime. We take advantage of this specification in innovating a solution which is pioneer in making the daily fitness routine easy, available and interesting at home.

Our AR based solution enables you to improve your fitness level in a practical, safe and injury-free manner.

You don’t need any extra gadget to purchase but your mobile phone where the coach pops

Up and guides you. The key benefit of our AR workout is its consistency to monitor and track your exercise and alarm by real time messaging to correct you.

 The users can track their actual progression over time to see big or small changes in their strength, speed, agility, endurance, quickness, and more.


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